Organic Vegetable Production Weed Control Strategies


Small-scale organic farmers list weeds as the main limiting factor in production of vegetable crops. Small-scale farmers have limited capital investment resources for equipment and supplies. In many instances these farmers indicated simple techniques and tools are there most pressing interest. The following educational resources were developed to address simple to use, easy to acquire tools to enhance organic weed control methodologies in small-scale vegetable crop production.


There is no single methodology for controlling weeds appropriate for all vegetable crops. Reviewing various tools and techniques in this presentation will provide the farmer and educators with basic resources in addition to excellent resources previously addressing this issue. Many thanks to Northeast SARE and to the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station for support to develop these training programs.

This project would not be possible without the cooperation and support from the following organizations
and individuals:


Mr. Ed Dager


Dr. Mark VanGessel


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