Viewcast TM Measuring OOH audience exposure in near-real time across North America.

Understand the actual delivery of your OOH campaign

In the past, OOH audience measurement was only available as a predictive measure, delivered once a year. Viewcast provides a more granular understanding, not just of how your campaign may perform, but what it actually delivered in near-real time.

Optimize pricing

It is important to understand how OOH delivery changes seasonally, monthly, and even weekly to adjust pricing. Viewcast provides the information you need to fine-tune rates as impressions fluctuate.

Reach the right audiences at the right time

Viewcast provides insight into how many people saw specific OOH inventory across formats and owners. Whether you are seeking to reach people who visit coffee shops, football enthusiasts, or independent voters, Viewcast helps get your message in front of them as they move throughout their day.

Leverage your own audience targets to customize your metrics

While Viewcast provides a robust solution for audience segmentation, customers may have proprietary targets that are vital to their business. Viewcast is capable of seamlessly ingesting first and third-party data sets and measuring OOH delivery against those custom audiences.

Analyze traditional media metrics and more

Viewcast provides traditional media metrics such as reach, frequency, TRPs, GRPs, and impressions, but additionally, can provide you more insight into how consumers interact with specific OOH advertising including dwell time, speed, pedestrian vs. vehicular traffic and more.

Our Mission

To make population mobility data and location intelligence more accessible and actionable to a greater variety of teams, communities, and enterprises.

Data Provided

  • All of the standard media metrics including TRPs, GRPs, Reach, Frequency, Audience Composition and Indexes
  • Weekly, daily, hourly metrics historically back to January 2019
  • Observed reach and frequency for a single display or a package of displays
  • Measurement across all OOH and DOOH format types including roadside and place-based
  • Hourly impression multipliers
  • Circulation
  • Dwell Time
  • Average Speed
  • Pedestrian vs. Vehicular Traffic
  • Audience Location of Residence
  • Predictive analytics for future site selection
  • Thousands of audience targets

See how population intelligence can empower better decision making.

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