The leader in population intelligence.

We provide past, present, and predictive insights on how the total population moves throughout the physical world. Everywhere. All the time.


Understanding the world’s movement has never been more important.

Easy access to a clear, representative view of total population insights enables businesses to make decisions based on real human behavior. Leveraging geospatial technology and exceptional data scientists, engineers, and UX Experts, Motionworks® curates the highest quality data sources available to create a robust, digital representation of the full population week-over-week.

Visitation to 10M+ venues across the US and Canada

Mobility insights on 8000+ audiences

Dwell time, reach and frequency

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic weekly, daily, hourly data historically

Predictive scenario measurement

Why, How & When The answer to where people move throughout their daily journeys.

Media and Market Research

Who is my target audience and where can I best reach them?

Travel and Tourism Organizations

Who is visiting our locations? How long do they stay? And how can I get them to come back?

Government Agencies and Transportation Engineering

Where and how are people moving around our region and what decisions can we make to improve our city in the future?

Retail and Real Estate Development

Who is visiting our location? How are we performing versus our competitors? And where should we build our next location?

The Difference Above and beyond simple data ingredients.

Our data science discipline was designed to solve for the population as a whole. How do ALL people move around the US to quantify ALL journeys ALL the time. Our products are fully-baked, statistically-representative measurement solutions. Motionworks® curates numerous data sets and calibrates them to thousands of first-party data sets to solve for the highest-level population questions as well as the most granular, local and regional analytics.



Population movement on every roadway, pedestrian pathway and inside every venue – all the time - vs. device captures in a single polygon.

The Complete Picture

Entire population – where they are, and sometimes, more importantly, where they aren’t.


Providing 3 years of historical data rather a snapshot in time once a polygon is established.

Interactive Data

Dashboards, direct delivery, dynamically refreshed API feeds or bulk data transfers via S3 or FTP as frequently as your use case requires.

See how population intelligence can empower better decision making.

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