The OOH Data Solution

Motionworks® believes in the power of out-of-home advertising. We are trusted by industry trade bodies, Geopath and COMMB to fuel their measurement systems. In addition to being a core component in the out-of-home currencies across North America, Motionworks® offers a full suite of OOH data and software solutions that can help drive results for your business.

Near Real-Time Metrics

Understand how many people were reached by your OOH campaign, how often, and who they are…every hour, every day.

End-to-end Solutions

Plan your campaign, measure the audience, and understand the impact it had on your brand with a single, population-level dataset.

Observed Reach and Frequency

Gauge the reach and frequency actually delivered by a single ad or an entire package of OOH inventory across multiple formats and numerous owners.

Motionworks® makes buying our digital media more transparent with credible, accurate, audience data…
– Liquid Outdoor

Understanding your audience

Whether you are preparing to build new displays, acquire inventory, or design an impactful cross-format plan for your brand, Motionworks® can help you accurately quantify your audience.

Our solutions

Viewcast: Measuring OOH audience exposure in near-real time

Placecast®: visitation insights for places of all types and sizes, experiential events, and more

Yieldcast: Maximize profits with dynamic pricing and data-driven yield management (a partnership with Simon-Kucher)

Retargeting: Amplify your OOH with social media, mobile, or CTV advertising

Attribution: Quantify the impact of OOH by analyzing footfall, online conversions, and attitudinal changes

Cohorts: Curate proprietary audience targets with first- or third-party data to fuse into any of Motionworks® other solutions

Questions we can help you answer:

What kind of audience does my display reach?

  • Whether you are planning to build new displays, acquire new inventory, or convert existing displays from static to digital, Motionworks® can help you quantify the audience.
  • Motionworks® provides all of the standard media metrics used to value out-of-home advertising and more, such as reach, frequency, opportunity-to-see impressions, hourly impression multipliers, DECs, dwell time, and average speeds.
  • The data can be delivered historically back to January 2019 or can even predict impressions on inventory that has yet to be built.
  • Motionworks® metrics can be provided by the month, week, day, or hour to help you understand how your portfolio changes throughout the year to help with dynamic pricing and sales.
  • Motionworks® has access to thousands of demographic and behavior profiles to help you understand not just how many people see your inventory, but what they buy, where they shop, and what causes they are passionate about.

How can I amplify my OOH campaign using other media channels?

  • Motionworks® can help you retarget people who have been exposed to your OOH advertising, reach people who live in target geographies, or areas of a market where OOH advertising doesn’t exist through retargeting.
  • Motionworks® can retarget audiences on mobile devices, websites, social networks, and CTV.
  • Ads are only displayed in quality content and channels.

Did my OOH campaign work?

  • Motionworks® can provide post-campaign metrics such as reach, frequency, and impressions delivered to help fuel marketing mix models and more.
  • Utilizing Motionworks® metrics, buyers can help optimize future campaigns by identifying which inventory over and underdelivered.
  • Motionworks® can assess whether or not exposed audiences visited a store or a website and the associated lift in conversions.

How can I access the data?

  • Motionworks® OOH insights can be accessed within your own software via the Motionworks® API or via the Motionworks® OOH Data Enablement Platform.

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