Population Intelligence

Motionworks® is the trusted population intelligence expert that empowers customers with privacy-compliant, innovative data solutions to help them make smarter, more confident decisions. Motionworks® is the fusion of three powerhouse companies in the mobility space, Intermx, Transport Foundry, and Standard Data with a client portfolio that spans advertising, government planning, tourism, transportation engineering, and retail. Powered by geospatial technology and exceptional data scientists, engineers, and UX experts, Motionworks® delivers a wide range of high-value mobility insights that provide historical, real-time, normative, and predictive intelligence about how people move around the globe.

Understanding the world's movement has never been more important. Easy access to a clear, representative view of population insights enables more businesses to make decisions based on real human behavior. The roads we drive on, the advertisements we see on billboards, the retailers we visit or the places we choose to vacation are all impacted by our data products and methodologies fueled by Motionworks®.

Leveraging cross-industry and cross-discipline data science expertise, Motionworks® curates the highest quality data sources available---including feeds of mobile location data, consumer marketing, business marketing firms, mapping technology, and first-party data to create a robust, digital representation of the full population week-over-week that is sensitive to both shorter-term shifts in travel behavior (e.g. COVID-19 lockdowns, social distancing protocols) and longer-term shifts (e.g. changing land use, new transportation projects).

Our Mission

To make population mobility data and location intelligence more accessible and actionable to a greater variety of teams, communities, and enterprises.


  • Visitation to 10M+ venues across the US and Canada
  • Event measurement
  • Location attribution
  • Online conversions
  • Mobile/CTV Retargeting
  • 350K OOH displays inside venues
  • 850K OOH roadside displays
  • Travel and tourism information
  • Retail site selection (predictive)
  • Competitive Conquesting
  • Mobility of 8k audience targets including purchase intent, political views etc.
  • Dwell time, reach, frequency
  • Neighborhood of visitor residence
  • Distance traveled to destination
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • Weekly, daily, hourly data back to January 2019

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