Popcast™   Visualize the population of Motionworks® and Custom Cohorts occupying specific geographies throughout the day across North America 

Understand the market potential for your product

While other solutions may help you understand which areas have the highest concentration of residents, Popcast™ empowers your business to visualize and quantify how many people live in specific geographies who are potential customers of your product.

Optimize local advertising strategy

Whether you are advertising in OOH, radio, television, direct mail, or even geofencing specific neighborhoods, Popcast™ can help you maximize your budget by pinpointing the geographies where the highest number and highest concentrations of customers reside.

Inform real estate decisions

Popcast™ can help identify the optimal placement for your next retail location by generating heatmaps of where potential customers are during your business’s hours of operations.Whether your customers walk, bike, or drive to your location, Popcast™  can bring your location as close as possible to their homes.

Example Motionworks Cohort combinations

Can be combined for precise audience targeting

Our Mission

To make population mobility data and location intelligence more accessible and actionable to a greater variety of teams, communities, and enterprises.

Data available

  • Across the United States & Canada
  • Available by day type (Monday-Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and hour of day
  • By DMA, State, CBSA, County, Postal Codes, and Census Block Groups
  • 375+ Standard demographics, such as age, income, and ethnicity
  • 800+ Motionworks Cohorts*
  • Custom crosstabs*
  • First & third-party data integrations*
  • Via API, the Snowflake Marketplace, or through Citycast™, Motionworks’ proprietary data enablement platform

*Available in upgraded packages

See how population intelligence can empower better decision making.

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