Placecast TM Visitation insights for places of all types and sizes, experiential events, and more.

Understand visitation to the places you care about

Placecast™ allows users to request and review place-based visits data. This includes visitation to specific places or regions for specific periods of time. Placecast™ helps answer critical visitation questions with our population intelligence.

Reach the right audiences at the right time

Place-based media opportunities have never been so fragmented for advertisers and media buyers. Distinguish your network from others with Placecast™ data, providing granular timing metrics, audience insights, and visitor behavior (such as dwell time) to prove the value your venues will deliver.

Connect visitation trends to OOH campaign timing

Placecast™ enables users to focus on the places that define their business interests, including clients’ or competitors’ locations. How many more people visited my customers’ stores since their OOH campaign started two weeks ago?

Leverage trade area analysis for target locations

Help retail and destination marketing clients steer media dollars into OOH by validating ‘trade area’ for their locations. How far do customers travel to visit client destinations?

Create custom places for unique business needs

A custom “data collection area” provides insights into typical visitation patterns around a new location that doesn’t yet have history and can drive site selection intelligence.

Flexible access to insights

Reporting and visualization tools for Placecast™ are accessible from our proprietary data enablement platform. Additionally, Motionworks’ API enables businesses to use their own platforms to further extend the value of their data and systems.

Our Mission

To make population mobility data and location intelligence more accessible and actionable to a greater variety of teams, communities, and enterprises.

Data Provided

  • Weekly, daily, and hourly metrics
  • Historical data back to January 2019
  • Visitor Location of Residence
  • Frequency of visitation
  • Venue dwell time
  • Event-based measurement for specific days & times
  • Measurement across all sizes and types of places, from regional analysis to custom spaces created in our platform
  • Across thousands of audience targets

See how population intelligence can empower better decision making.

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