Motionworks® Introduces Liftcast

Motionworks is excited to offer a new solution that brings together the power of passively-captured mobility data with the tried-and-true insights derived from survey results – into a single-source solution – Liftcast.

Kym Frank Global CXO, New York, NY
Product Updates

Liftcast can answer a multitude of questions on behalf of businesses, travel destinations, and governmental agencies such as:


  • Did our sponsored event have a positive impact on our brand?
  • How can I get previous customers to return to my store again?
  • Is my new competitor impacting my business?
  • Was my out-of-home advertising campaign worth the investment?


  • How can I get visitors to my region to stay one day longer?
  • What did recent travelers to my location enjoy the most?
  • Are there offers that would drive previous visitors to come back again?
  • What made visitors to other destinations choose those locations over ours?

Government Agencies

  • Would drivers on this highway opt to take public transportation if it was available?
  • How would the introduction of a toll on this roadway impact travelers’ route decisions?
  • Do we have residents planning to invest in electric vehicles, and if so, where should we place charging stations?

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