Motionworks® Mobility Update

Motionworks released its latest insights on how Americans are moving throughout the country.

Kym Frank Global CXO, New York, NY
Traffic Data

Nationally, for the month of September, the average American is traveling approximately 23.4 miles every day.

Daily travel is exceeding September 2019 where the average miles per day was 22.5, a 4% increase. Meanwhile, gas prices are up more than a dollar on average during the same time period, indicating that, while gas prices are high, they do not seem to be impacting the distance that people are traveling every day.

This is good news for advertising channels such as out-of-home and radio as consumers are still on the go.

Motionworks® data show that the miles traveled by the average American daily for 2022 continues to be in alignment with 2021 and 2019.

Gas prices continued to fall from the June peak through September. Motionworks® data show that the average person continues to travel approximately the same distance month over month through Q3.

Gas prices have increased 38% since 2019 (approximately $1).
Miles driven per day are on par with 2021 and slightly more than 2019.


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