The Retail & Real Estate Data Solution

Motionworks® provides 360-degree data solutions to retailers, including who is visiting a location, how often they visit, how long they stay, and how to reach them with coupons and advertising – whether that is a location you currently own, a location owned by your competition, or one you are thinking of making your next brick-and-mortar investment.

Complete Visitor Profiling

Motionworks® visitation data goes beyond counts and even simple demographics, curating robust visitor profiles across thousands of psychographic and behavioral segments.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

Identify optimal areas to target visitors including those who frequently visit your locations, those who are planning a trip, or those who are traveling to similar regions, hotels, or venues.

Real Estate Site Selection

Understand the success of your next brick-and-mortar location before you make an investment by quantifying the potential customers who are currently passing by, spending time in the area, or visiting nearby competitors – whether on foot or in a vehicle.

The data that Motionworks® provided helped identify optimal locations for our installations – and helped us avoid some options that would have potentially been bad investments for our company.

Understanding your audience

Whether you are analyzing who is visiting your area of interest, quantifying attendance at an event, or identifying who to target with your marketing messages, Motionworks® can help.

Our solutions

Placecast®: Analyze visitation insights for places and regions of all types and sizes, experiential events, and more

Trade Area Analysis: Quantify the people who are visiting your area by neighborhood, zip code, county, or state

Real Estate Site Selection: Identify the best place to establish your next location Retargeting: Identify past visitors, competitor’s visitors, or target geographies with social media, mobile, and CTV advertising

Attribution: Quantify the impact of OOH by analyzing footfall, online conversions, and attitudinal changes

Cohorts: Curate proprietary audience targets with first- or third-party data to fuse into any of Motionworks® other solutions

Questions we can help you answer :

Who is visiting my area of interest?

  • Whether you are trying to quantify visitors to a hotel, a tourist attraction, an event, a city, or a state, Motionworks® can help you quantify the audience.
  • Motionworks® has information, not only on who visited, but how long they stayed, how often they come back, and where they come from.
  • Motionworks® has access to thousands of demographic and behavior profiles to help you understand, not just how many people visit your area of interest, but what they buy, where they shop, and what causes they are passionate about.
  • Motionworks® provides metrics by month, week, day, or hour to help you understand how your visitors change throughout the year.
  • The data can be delivered historically back to January 2019.

How can I reach potential visitors or past visitors with messaging about my destination?

  • Motionworks® can help you retarget people who have visited your area of interest, people who live in neighborhoods that frequently visit your area, or even people who are visiting similar areas.
  • Motionworks® can reach audiences on mobile devices, websites, social networks, and CTV.
  • Ads are only displayed in quality content and channels.
  • Motionworks® can help you understand which geographic areas are the greatest contributors to your visitor pool to help maximize the impact of local ad spend.

How can I access the data?

  • Motionworks® Tourism data can be accessed within your own software via the Motionworks® API or via the Motionworks® software suite.

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