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Kym Frank Re-elected to Digital Signage Federation Board of Directors

Posted on: January 5th, 2023 by Kym Frank No Comments

Following a four-week election process, Kym Frank, Global CXO at Motionworks was re-elected to the Digital Signage Federation’s (DSF) Board of Directors. This year’s election resulted in the highest number of women holding board member seats in years.

Kym previously served on the DSF board for a half-term, actively working on the Education Committee. Additionally, Kym initiated the Board’s work to help demystify the Digital Signage ecosystem through documentation of all the companies the organization represents and worked to improve the organization’s membership structure.

“I am extremely honored that the members of the DSF voted for me so that I can continue my work on the Board of Directors,” Kym said. ” I would also like to welcome new board members, Jonathan Brawn of Brawn Consulting, Michelle Montazeri, of Legrand, and Megan Zeller, of Peerless AV. I look forward to working with you.”

For more information on the election or the Digital Signage Federation, please visit this site.

Motionworks at the 2022 National ASLA Conference

Posted on: November 28th, 2022 by Kym Frank No Comments

The 2022 National ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture and EXPO drew more than 6,000 attendees and 350 exhibitors on November 11-14.

Motionworks’ Vice President of Planning, Cynthia Albright, FAICP CUD, GISP joined Emily McCoy, PLA ASLA, SITES AP, Principal at Design Workshop to present a 90-minute Digital Technology education session, “Big Data Drives Bigger Impact: Data and Tools for Equity in Design.” Cynthia discussed the definition, types, scales, sources, application, visualization techniques, and questions to be asked when acquiring location-based services data. She covered the value of a synthetic population over a geofenced approach to inspire decision makers to action in order to build more equitably sustainable communities. She also presented Motionworks’ data before, during, and after Hurricane Ian to reveal the travel patterns of the most at-risk Hendry County residents (high poverty rate, high number of children and seniors) from those counties directly in the eye of the Hurricane. Emily demonstrated relevant application in existing conditions analysis, user behavior and sentiment, mode usage in parks, and prioritization of park amenities and projects.

Key takeaways: A synthetic or digital population provides a virtual representation of a true actual population from 300+ million people; population intelligence provides new design opportunities for equitable access to infrastructure and services, site selection, market and gap analysis, redevelopment planning, mobile trade areas, scenario planning, and predictive modeling.

Motionworks Introduces Liftcast

Posted on: November 21st, 2022 by Kym Frank No Comments

Liftcast can answer a multitude of questions on behalf of businesses, travel destinations, and governmental agencies such as:



Government Agencies

Contact us for more information on the value that Liftcast can provide to your business via [email protected]